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Available Now - Online Face and Pilates Classes from just £8.00

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Classes are by Appointment Only.
Private Studio Facial Fitness and Pilates training using Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair and the Arc.

Studio Carme Face; a natural way to age gracefully, based on the world-renowned Eva Fraser method.

Carme Farre founded Studio Carme™ in 2012 to teach Facial Fitness and Pilates in Notting Hill, London. Classes by Appointment Only.

Carme has studied with some of the world’s foremost Pilates Masters. She received her first degree from Alan Herdman, who studied with instructors taught by Joseph Pilates himself, and brought Pilates to the UK in 1970. She has also qualified in the BASI method, which was created by Pilates Master, Rael Isacowitz. In Summer 2015, Carme completed the BASI Master program.

Carme has created ‘Studio Carme Face’ which includes a more complete and deep facial fitness exercises. Initially she took Facial Fitness training based on the method pioneered by the world-renowned Eva Fraser.

You can find Online Classes with a wide selection of workouts from Pilates to Facial Fitness, following Eva Fraser’s method, and many more to come. Subscribe and be the first to access!

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“I started with Eva Fraser’s Facial Workout about 15 years ago when I bought her video, but I have always wanted to work with a fully trained practitioner of the method. I was drawn to Carme by her picture, which to me exudes an openness and joyful enthusiasm. When I met her for the first time in her lovely studio, I was not disappointed. I found it really valuable and although I knew most of the exercises, there were some I did not. Carme was very clear in her instructions and there was a really good flow between the exercises which helped me to remember the order they were done. There is no doubt that practice makes perfect, and to get the benefit I did them almost every day. My husband noticed instantly and several of my friends say I look very well and I certainly don’t look my age. I thoroughly recommend Carme as an excellent practitioner of Eva Fraser’s method.” – Anthea


“Carme is an amazing teacher, clear, calm and clearly dedicated to her work. But more importantly it works! Facial exercises make complete sense and if you commit the time you will see the results and it is better for you than Botox!” M.D.


“For the last two years I have been coming to Carme’s lessons, Pilates and Facial Fitness, and I have always been really looking forward to them, knowing that when I finish my body will feel younger, stronger and more flexible!”

- Daniela B.

“I initially found Carme because I was curious about facial fitness. It is great that there is now an alternative to invasive treatments like Botox if you want to keep wrinkles at bay. From facial exercises I went on to Pilates on the reformers in the duet sessions. I had a tough time getting back into shape after the birth of my third child, but the twice weekly sessions with Carme meant I never had a problem with my back again. Carme’s individual approach and precision in instructing how to do the exercises has resulted in strengthening my back and core muscles. While Carme will be challenging you to perform, you couldn’t feel more comfortable in her elegant studio with calming background music.”

- Johanna S.

“I started at Studio Carme over a year ago and have not looked back. Carme is a wonderful teacher, who knows how to get the best out of you. I do both facial fitness and Pilates and have seen such a difference in both. I always enjoy going to the classes, Carme always makes you feel happy and pushes you harder a little bit each time. I am 52 and believe this is the best exercise for body and face, and will set you up for the rest of your life with every muscle in tip top condition. Your brilliant Carme you have a true talent for teaching.”

- Sarah C. 

Only 6 words… ‘My husband is a regular now’. That says it all. I tried and loved it
I then dragged him to a class, and he is now totally hooked … as I am! Carme is absolutely incredible!
Thank you for introducing us both to a new world 🙂

- Karma, February 2016.

I was apprehensive about starting any form of exercise after my operation, but I even the first session with Carme allayed all my fears. The whole experience with her, right from stetting up the appointment to her methodical approach  has given me great pain free confidence in her approach to healing and strengthening the body with Pilates. She is very efficient and attentive but without compromising her compassion. As a complete novice to this discipline, I am so encouraged by my start with Pilates that I am confident it will play a regular role in my exercise routine, thanks to Carme.

- Irum R., March 2016.

Facial Fitness with Carme is revolutionary! If you have enthusiastically started DVD programmes in the past and given up due to poor or non- existent results, then you must see her. By watching her perform each exercise, you get a better idea of the intricacies of the method. And it is the element of feedback of her observing you trying them that really hones in the technique. After only two sessions , I noticed a huge change in my pallor and complexion. This is the injectible and knife free way to look your best at your age.

- Irum R., March 2016.

For me , the idea of facial fit made perfect sense almost to the point that I was kicking myself for not finding it earlier.Carme is a focused instructor who is both encouraging and firm in her approach. Almost all of the exercises took practice and attention and still do. Rest assured , you do get into the rhythm and will see results although you need to remember – it works if you do it ! I am only two and a bit months into the programme – it is both challenging and rewarding. If you value treating your body well , a long term approach and a sustainable and natural one, facial fit is a really good option.

- GG Sassex, December 2015.

I have completed 4 facial fitness sessions with Carme. The exercises are complicated at first but Carme is an excellent teacher, very enthusiastic and supportive – she broke the exercises down, demonstrated each one before observing me doing each exercise and she explained everything really clearly. We practiced the exercises at each session to ensure I was getting them right and to reinforce the correct technique. I’m beginning to see improved tone in my jawline and, maybe, a slight reduction in laughter lines. I would definitely recommend facial fitness with Carme, it’s a great investment for the future with a great, inspirational teacher.”

- Robin S.

Studio Carme is a lovely little oasis in Notting Hill and Carme is an amazing, patient teacher. She is very thorough and makes sure you understand everything you’re doing and why. The facial yoga has helped me think about the way I use my face — wrinkle my forehead, frown, etc. Like all exercise, it’s work, but it changes your awareness of your facial muscles and tightens your muscles. You feel your muscles fatigue! So skip the botox and get to work.”

- Melissa T.

Carme shows an exceptional attention to detail. She seems to understand every part of my body that needs to build strength and over a very short period I suffered less and less with neck aches and back aches. I really look forward to all my pilates sessions with her.”

- Louise Galvin

Really enjoyed the facial fitness course – it really helped having Carme explain all the movements so patiently and expertly. Doing the course encouraged me to practice the exercises daily and I can see the difference already – my jawline is firmer!.”

- Clare Hoare.

I really enjoyed my sessions with Carme, not only were they incredible insightful but they were fun to learn. My face is already showing changes for the better. Facial exercises make sense, and definitely work!.”

- Mirelle Davis.

I was initially concerned that I would not be able to do the facial fitness exercises properly. However, Carme put me at ease immediately – she is an excellent teacher and explained each exercise clearly and made sure that I understood the movements that were required. I felt that she wanted me to succeed as much as I wanted to succeed myself. She encouraged me throughout the four lessons. I practise Carme’s programme of exercises regularly at home and started to see results within a couple of weeks. Carme makes the exercises easy to follow and so maximises your chances of success. I enjoy doing the exercises and am definitely enjoying the results.”

- Jetta O.

Pilates with Studio Carme has really helped me to improve my posture, strength and flexibility. There is less tightness in my upper back and shoulders and I really notice the difference when I am doing other sports.”

- Juliet Kenny

I started Pilates for the very first time with Carme and have found her most professional and encouraging. She adapts her technique to the individual and as an older person I have found this very helpful. She is also very good about changing the times of sessions to fit in with people’s busy lives. Thank you Carme.”

- Virginia Ashton.

I was excited to go to my first facial fitness class and was happily was surprised at how it surpassed all my expectations. I felt the difference right away and was told by a friend that she could actually see improvement instantly. We never think we neglect our face because of all the creams and superficial treatments that we use but working the muscles is a completely different experience that feels amazing in a way no other treatment does.”

- Lorena de la Torre

From the first time I tried facial fitness with Carme, I was hooked. Despite the initial giggles brought on by some curious facial positions, I have found that the regular exercises have been working. Carme gives that extra push to make sure you are doing the exercises properly, which is especially helpful for me.”

- Tanya Donley

I thoroughly enjoy my weekly Pilates class with Carme. Carme is an excellent and very professional teacher. I am considerably stronger since I started training. I had very rounded shoulders and doing Pilates with Carme has improved my posture enormously.”

- Poppy Lilley

Carme takes a holistic approach to Pilates; its not just about the actual exercises, its about how to incorporate the right movements into your life. She considers it her job to challenge you all the time and encourage you to push yourself. I am now addicted to my 2 weekly classes.”

- Alexandra R.

Working with Carme has changed my body in ways I hadn’t thought possible. My physical strength has grown as has my flexibility. I stand taller and continually remind myself to hold my posture correctly. Pilates with Carme has taught me to be more aware of how I carry myself”

- Tanya Donley

I have been interested in yoga for years and have always felt strong and flexible when I am devoted to regular practice. I had tried Pilates a few times and did not find it to be as effective. Meeting Carme changed that. Carme has redefined my posture and made me feel more in control of my body. Her teaching is very direct and tailored to the needs of each student. Her studio is an oasis and I feel I am treating myself when I take her classes.”

- Sarah Wellings