Carme Farre founded Studio Carme™ in 2012 to teach Facial Fitness and Pilates in Notting Hill, London. Carme has studied with some of the world's foremost Pilates Masters. She received her first degree from Alan Herdman, who studied with instructors taught by Joseph Pilates himself, and brought Pilates to the UK in 1970. She has also qualified in the BASI method, which was created by Pilates Master, Rael Isacowitz. In Summer 2015, Carme completed the BASI Master program. Carme has created ‘Studio Carme Face’ which includes a more complete and deep facial fitness exercises. Initially she took Facial Fitness training based on the method pioneered by the world-renowned Eva Fraser. You can find Online Classes with a wide selection of workouts from Pilates to Facial Fitness, following Eva Fraser's method, and many more to come. Subscribe and be the first to access! Find out more