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Want to know more about what Facial Pilates could do for you?

Welcome to the first blog out of 2 where you will receive vital information on Facial Pilates. As you all know, I love teaching Face Pilates and helping clients look better, feel more confident and motivate them to learn this skill for life. I would love for everyone to include this habit of adding facial fitness in his or her daily routine.

I also know that there are many misunderstandings about facial exercises… Some dermatologist and other professionals don’t believe it works and even think it adds more damage to the skin if you practice daily workouts of the face. My face would look like a piece of paper you have thrown in the bin if that was true … I have been doing it for 10 years!
Other people believe that just by placing fingers around the face or massaging you will end up looking younger. Well, you know that if you do it to any other part of the body that does not work, yes you feel relaxed and in paradise, but the muscles look as it looked before, so the face is exactly the same. To look better you need active muscle workouts like the rest of the body.

Interesting… Who else has something to say?

I know all of the above but … I like to have well-known professionals views and learn from them. Fortunately, I had the privilege of meeting up with Dr. Pablo Umbert and his daughter Monica Umbert (Beautyderm) last time I was in Barcelona.
Dr. Pablo Umbert is a dermatologist with over 30 years of experience and founder of Dermatologic Institute Pablo Umbert in Clinica Corachan, Barcelona. His curriculum is impressive including earning the title of “Chef de Clinique” at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota (USA) for two years.

So what did I learn from the experts on Facial Fitness?

I learnt from Dr. Pablo Umbert that when we look in the mirror we see the very superficial layer of our skin, call epidermis and where moisturising creams penetrate. But we need to find a way to go deeper when we treat the skin to reach the dermis papilar. Only Dr. Pablo Umbert’s tailored formula penetrates deeply to get to this layer and regenerates the skin. He uses Acido Retonico Topico. There is a further layer on the skin called hypodermis where no cream can go so deeply.

I wanted to have his views on my Face Pilates technique. First, Dr. Pablo Umbert said that the key factors that influence our ageing process are: ”Genetics play a key role to star off in our lives; our actual age; the environment where we live is a constant that affects us daily and help to keep a younger skin; having an active lifestyle impacts positively our skin; and the diet helps us every day, we should have plenty of antioxidants to support our genetics and a healthy lifestyle.”

He confirmed that massage and facials help the drainage of our skin, so the results are short-term and superficial. As an anti-aging tool, first we need to work out the facial muscles and then massage can be used as a complement to improve the skin. That wraps up this weeks blog on further opinion and advice on Facial Pilates and how best to adapt to it.

How deep does this really go?

Face Pilates can go deeper. Our faces have five layers and facial fitness works on the musculo-aponeurotic and retaining ligaments and spaces. Dr. Pablo Umbert confirmed “by toning our facial muscles, we can go deeper into the structure of the muscles and help stretch the skin and look younger. To maximise the results of Face Pilates, we need to use creams to moisturise the skin.” That wraps up this weeks blog with further opinion and advice on Facial Pilates and how best to adapt to it. In our next blog we will discuss this even further!


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