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What are the positive effects of facial fitness on organic beauty?

I remember the time when organic food was a rarity, forcing me to drive miles to purchase  a good supply of natural ingredients which were pesticide free. Even rarer was finding organic-based beauty and cleaning products.  Today, these products are widely available. We all know the benefits of organic products and understand the need to feed our bodies with natural foods.

Why do we treat our face different to our bodies?

I believe the first step to developing a full organic beauty is to keep your muscles underneath toned. Facial Fitness helps achieves this efficiently and with quick results. Not only that, though this is a life-long skill, resulting a completely organic facial structure, boasting a natural and healthy glow.

The second step for organic beauty is our diet. Full of natural vegetables, fruit, whole grains, fresh juices, water and a variety of fish, chicken and occasionally red meat. I personally follow a low dairy and low gluten diet. (refer to diet blog)

The third step is nourishing our skin with organic beauty based products as the skin absorbs most chemicals. These toxins go through our liver and other organs in our body, creating a risk for cancer. I am a believer of tailored made creams which use active ingredients to adapt to each skin’s needs. I love the advice from Pablo Umbert, in Barcelona, and his daughter Monica Umbert from BeautyDerm.

Views on organic beauty products and their effects on our face

My interest in organic products took me to meet Pedro, founder of Twelve Beauty. He explained that the essence of being natural and the benefits include the following: “We need organic beauty products because they are more beneficial than conventional products. We can start with comparing oils made in a lab (i.e. petrochemicals such as paraffin liquidum) with natural oils (i.e. avocado oil). I personally believe that the synthetic oil will not pose a threat to the skin’s health, however the natural oils are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins. These are way more beneficial.

Natural doesn’t mean it is completely beneficial. I have seen customers reacting to essential oils or other natural ingredients (well documented irritants) such as sodium phytate, potassium sorbate and even natural menthol.

It is important to know and understand the science behind a brand. I have seen many beauty products in the market where some oils have gone rancid, possibly harming our skin. This is why I keep saying that, natural product formulation is a science and not an experiment”.


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