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Studio Carme Featured in the Press and Beauty Blogs

My family and friends will tell you I like to talk, particularly about my business. I can’t help but want to talk about the way Pilates and Facial Fitness can improve one’s appearance and self-confidence! While it’s good to talk about the work in my studio, its even better when others have something nice to say.

During 2017, I have been very fortunate to be mentioned in the press several times.  The articles provide an in depth look into my journey so far, approach to facial fitness and what I want to offer to my clients.

In the September 2017, Beauty and Wellbeing online magazine wrote a press story “Interview with Founder: Carme Farre” about my inspiration to start my beauty and fitness business. They also covered the reason for combining body and face exercises, my mentors, the fitness routine I have while working and on holiday, the healthy eating habits I preach, my beauty tips and my favourite places in London.

In April 2017  I was featured in a press article by Top Sante magazine called “Face Up to Facial Fitness” in which they used a striking before and after photo of one of my clients. You can read about the importance of exercising the facial muscles and the available options to choose from.

Earlier this year I was featured in a press article in the online Luxury Lifestyle Magazine:  “Let Facial Exercises Coach Carme Farre Put Your Best Face Forward”. Beauty journalist Vicky Lee came to the studio to take a Facial Fitness class. She writes about the benefits of working out the facial muscles and how she felt during the studio class. 

While traditional magazines are good, with more and more information available online it is essential to be known by Beauty Bloggers too.  The first article “Benefits of Facial Fitness’ by SoraBella and the second one Facial Fitness with Carme’ by Galina describe their experience of Facial Fitness at Studio Carme. 

I hope these articles will inspire you to start exercising your facial muscles in the same way, as the rest of the body. Also remember to combine fitness with a healthy diet and a balanced mind.

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