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Pilates Studio in Notting Hill – Classes by Appointment Only.

The Pilates method, originally called Contrology, was developed by Joseph Pilates to strengthen one’s body, by particularly focusing on the core muscles of the body. ¬†Practiced consistently, pilates helps to build strength, increase flexibility, and develops control and endurance in the body. Pilates exercises emphasise proper breathing techniques, correct alignment and posture in the body, with the objective of developing a stronger set of core muscles to improve coordination and balance.¬†When Pilates is combined with regular cardiovascular exercise and a healthy diet, total wellbeing can be achieved.

Uses and benefits of Pilates are:

    • Pre and Post-Natal rehabilitation: Pilates exercises can be a vital part of the preparation for and recovery process after pregnancy.
    • Injuries and Rehabilitation: The origins of Pilates were to rehabilitate and many injuries, from back pain to joint issues, can be improved with a proper Pilates exercises routine.
    • Youth and Vitality: Pilates keeps the body young and helps to maintain an upright posture that underpins a strong, flexible and lean body.
    • Ageless: Pilates exercises can be adapted to suit any age group from the very young to the elderly.

Please go to CONTACT for further information and to book a class. Studio Carme provides individual and duets (two person) sessions.

Terms and Conditions: There is a 48 hour cancelation policy and classes will be charged in full if notification is not made within the required time period. Any 10 classes (booked as a set course) have a six-month expiration period.

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