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Why use Pilates as a starting point for fitness?

Joseph Pilates believed that “Physical fitness was the first requisite of happiness.”

Pilates is possible at any age and everybody benefits by becoming stronger from the inside out, eliminating aches, rehabilitating injuries, alongside increasing core strength.

At the studio, Pilates is combined with stretching. By making sure clients follow the Pilates principles and then stretch the muscles. Results are therefore seen quicker. The clients are challenged and routines are varied sing the different apparatus to achieve better results.

Pilates combines strength and flexibility allowing you to become extremely efficient in your movements whilst exercising as well as easing your daily life. As you become more familiar with the technique, you also learn how your body and mind works in harmony to be efficient.

Why is Pilates such a good base exercise for your body if you are older?

Practiced consistently, Pilates helps to build strength, increase flexibility, and develops control and endurance in the body. Pilates exercises emphasise proper breathing techniques, correct alignment and posture in the body, with the objective of developing a stronger set of core muscles to improve coordination and balance. Also, Pilates helps to balance each joint in your body with low-impact or almost none therefore, being very safe at any age.

“Pilates with Carme is revitalising, her energetic approach makes my body feel the harmony between body and mind. Her classes are intense, which is exactly what I like and by the end I feel elevated and elongated. I recommend it to anyone who loves a deep and intelligent work out!” – S. Richardson


What are the Benefits of Pilates?

  • Pre-Natal and Post-Natal rehabilitation: Pilates exercises can be a vital part of the preparation for and recovery process after pregnancy.
  • Injuries and Rehabilitation: The origins of Pilates were to rehabilitate many injuries, from back pain to joint issues. These can all be improved with a proper Pilates exercises routine.
  • Youth and Vitality: Pilates keeps the body young and helps to maintain an upright posture that underpins a strong, flexible and lean body.
  • Ageless: Pilates exercises can be adapted to suit any age group from infants to the elderly.


What is the Philosophy of Pilates?

The Pilates method, originally called Contrology, was developed by Joseph Pilates in the beginning of the 20th century. The objective is to strengthen one’s body, by particularly focusing on the core muscles of the body, including front and back of the torso. Practiced consistently, Pilates helps to build strength, increase flexibility, and develops control and endurance in the body.

Pilates exercises emphasises on proper breathing techniques, correct alignment and posture of the body, with the aim of developing a stronger set of core muscles to improve coordination and balance.

Pilates’s talked about six principles: Breathing, Centering, Concentration, Control, Flow and Precision. The goals of his exercises were to develop the body uniformly, to correct wrong posture, to restore physical vitality, to invigorate the mind and to elevate the spirit.



After having children, you always want to get back in shape as quick as possible. That is exactly how Carme felt. A friend of mine suggested joining a new class called ‘Pilates Reformer,’ she said: ‘You will love it!”. Carme started going 4 times a week as she found the classes more intense and challenging, that brought her to the start of my journey in becoming a Pilates instructor.

First, she contacted Alan Herdman. Alan is one of the best well know Pilates Masters world-wide. He was a pioneer in his time, he went to New York in the 60s and was the first person who brought Pilates to the UK. Carme was very fortunate to join his training program in 2011.

This went on for one year and Carme used to spend an average of 20 to 25 hours a week between training and observation. This gave Carme a solid base of the classic Pilates principles as an exercises regime.

Consequently, she expanded her training with Rael Isacowitz, a Pilates Master. She did the Comprehensive Program in 2014 with BASI, a more athletic and structured program. Carme then completed the Master Pilates training with Rael himself.

As she was already practicing Facial Exercises for herself, Carme decided she wanted to bring in that passion and pass it on to her clients.

She have incorporated all the incredible knowledge she has gathered through her journey and has created a unique studio where Pilates for the Body and Facial Exercises work in harmony. With an inviting and fully equipped studio, Carme combines mat Pilates with Reformer, Wunda Chair, Tower, Arc and other props.

She teaches her clients a ‘Face and Body Workout’ based on Pilates principles. Carme can tailor the class to their different needs, be it rehabilitation, athletic or the face.

At the moment, Carme is taking regular private classes with Anouchka Boone to deepen her knowledge on movement and Classic Pilates.