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Go to FACETONED – Face Fitness Programme to look younger. Download the App!

With Carme’s program you will obtain a “Face to Body” Pilates workout!


  • Increase your core strength, increasing muscle tone and ability.
  • Enhance your balance and posture, reducing any aches and pains, now or in the future.
  • Improve your flexibility, allowing you to tackle more complex moves.
  • Naturally enhance the look and appearance of your face – the more you work at it, the better the results!
Choose your personal workout

Stretching Through Pilates Movements

Face and Body Pilates

Dancing With Luis Costa

Four Steps To A Natural Facelift – S7

Ultimate Core Condition Volume & Toning – Gloves – S6

Tone Your Forehead And Brighten Your Eyes – S5

Fuller Cheeks Toned Chin – Gloves – S4

Chin and Neck – S3

Brighten The Eyes – S2

Lift The Cheeks – S1

Deep Core Routine – Gloves – 13

Corner Routines – Gloves – 12

Key Routine Movements – 11

Deep Face Core Conditioning – 10

Powerful Face Conditioning – 9

Intense Core Conditioning Volume & Toning – Gloves – 8

Deeper Conditioning For The Core – Gloves – 7

Engage Your Core – Achieve Volume – Gloves – 6

Obtaining a Balanced Face – Gloves – 5

Mastering of Key Movements – 4

Conditioning Using Resistance – 3

Consolidate Control of Basic Movements – 2

Learn to Connect with your Facial Muscles – 1

Daily Stretching Tonic for You

Total Pilates for You

Pilates Plus + for You

Pilates Strength for You

Getting to the Core for You

Masaje Facial

Domingo – Cinco Minutos

Sabado – Guantes vs Basicos

Viernes – Ojos y Frente

Jueves – Guantes Comisura Boca

Miercoles – Barbilla y Cuello

Martes – Guantes Internos

Lunes – Pomulos

Fitness Facial Avanzado

Fitness Facial Intermedio

Cuarta Clase

Tercera Clase

Seguna Clase

Primera Clase

Your Face Level 2

Your Face Level 3

Your Face Level 1

Full Face Workout

Intermediate Face Workout

Advanced Face Workout

Friday – Opened Eyes and Smooth Forehead

Monday – Toned Cheeks

Wednesday – Toned Chin and Long Neck

Thursday – Corner Gloves

Tuesday – Internal Gloves

Facial Massage

Sunday – Five Minutes

Saturday – Gloves vs. Basics

Getting to the Core

~ 20 Mins

Pilates Strength

~ 15 Mins

Pilates Plus +

~ 15 Mins

Total Pilates

~ 45 Mins

Daily Stretching Tonic

~ 20 Mins

If you have purchased my videos and no longer have access to them please email me at support@studiocarme.co.uk.

Please allow 48 hours for response.

Many thanks, Carme